Project Description

Eclipse Opening Roof

The Eclipse opening roof creates a visually sleek and versatile outdoor living area in all weather conditions.


The Eclipse can be built as a commercial awning or patio cover, as a roof for glass or screened enclosures, or to cover a swimming pool.

The Eclipse Opening Roof can be installed flat, pitched, curved, angular or used vertically as a privacy screen. The smooth flowing lines, together with an extensive colour range and choice of finishes, allows the Eclipse to blend brilliantly with any architectural style.

For added comfort and convenience the Eclipse Opening Roof can be completely meshed-in, both top and sides, creating an effective barrier against disturbing insects.


In summer, block out the heat and keep cooling costs down by simply closing the roof or opening it partially for shaded ventilation.

In winter the slim line louvres can be positioned to allow the sun’s natural warmth and light into rooms to save on energy costs. With the simple push of a button, the louvres can be moved to give the desired lighting level into a room, office or building.


The Eclipse Opening Roof Range and Sun Louvre System provide a reliable and stylish option to enhance the outdoor living areas of both residential and commercial developments.

The integrity of the Eclipse has been proven in both the national and international arena of architectural design.


Whether it is a pitched, flat or angled roof, you can design an Eclipse Opening Roof to suit the personal style of your home.

The Australian designed one-piece extruded aluminium louvre and stainless steel components are engineered to the highest standards, making the Eclipse suitable for extreme heat, strong winds and corrosive, coastal conditions.

Not only can the Eclipse lower your energy costs but provide many years of enjoyable trouble-free operation.


  • Allow warmth into rooms for comfort
  • Opened louvres reflect light into south facing areas
  • Added cooling and greater comfort
  • Cold and dark rooms are brought to life with natural light
  • Complete control is available
  • There is no need to move inside when it rains
  • Catch the rain while partially open to allow ventilation
  • Particularly beneficial for warm humid conditions
  • Tailored to individual needs to add value and style
  • Years of trouble free service, protection from hail, debris etc
  • Low maintenance
  • Colour matched to your personal tastes
  • Peace of mind that you have the best
  • Easy to use, safe and uses little or no electricity